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We are a global company with more than 70 years of history. We are now preparing to become the developers of the most advanced battery technology in the next 70 years, a responsible corporate company that provides the best services to our customers and builds a bright future.


Hankook Technodome, a world-class company, will apply its culture of innovation to change workflow.


To achieve the highest level of satisfaction in terms of performance, driving comfort, safety and eco-handling, the goal is to continually advance our technological capabilities to produce batteries that perform optimally in all conditions.

Global battery company

Pioneer in the domestic battery industry

Development of the first MF battery in Korea in 1982 and the first AGM battery in Korea in 2005. Hankook has been a pioneer in the battery industry for the past 75 years, challenging the quality and quantitative growth of the battery industry in Korea.

AGM new concept

Absorbent glass mat Battery technology

The AGM battery with the new AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology concept provides the best values ​​for start and stop cars as well as for premium cars. Through AGM’s special design, AGM batteries are new concept premium batteries that have 3x longer battery life, fast charge speed, 100% leak-free and more.

Advanced X-Frame plus


Thicker Grid X Frame

With improved X-Frame technology, it provides stable functions even in deep discharge.

Control dynamic load

Carbon Black Additive

With improved X-Frame technology, it provides stable functions even in deep discharge.

Cycle-proof design

Advanced Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate

The homogeneous 4BS particle structure with battery aging and formation technologies is applied for frequent deep discharge of start and stop cars.

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