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Hankook started its journey as the first battery manufacturer in Korea, and now, our goal is to continue our journey and take a global step to become an energy solutions company.

Since the establishment of the company, we have established a clear business objective to develop storage batteries and establish a firm footing in the industry by manufacturing products with modern technologies.

Smart energy solution

we offer advanced technologies

Pioneer in the battery industry

Development of the first MF battery in Korea in 1982 and the first AGM battery in Korea in 2005. Hankook has been a pioneer in the battery industry for the past 75 years, challenging the quality and quantitative growth of the battery industry in Korea.

From domestic to global entrepreneurship

Based at the Daejeon and Jeonju plants, Hankook with a global network has been strengthening its distribution competitiveness through the operation of its North American plants in 2020, and continues its history of innovation with unique technologies.

Batteries that satisfy customers

Hankook produces high-performance, high-quality batteries through continuous R&D and rigorous quality inspections to provide the best batteries to customers. Customer satisfaction is the core value at Hankook.

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